New for our 40th Anniversary The Sun Run Pacer Program

This year experienced runners are here to help Sun Runners crush their goals! Our Pacers Group will be placed in the Green, White and Purple Corrals.

in search of
pacer group members

We’re looking for experienced runners to be a part of the Sun Run Pacers Group. If
you are energetic, passionate about running and love the Vancouver Sun Run, we
invite you to apply today! Deadline to apply is on March 15, 2024.

What do Pacers receive?

Free entry into the 2024 Vancouver Sun Run

Discount code to share family & friends

Access to Sponsor VIP Area on race day

Pacer Team branded shirt

Sunglasses provided by Marsquest

meet your
2024 pace team

motivating. reliable. positive.

These are a few of the values our Pace Team embodies. This team is ready to keep your motivated throughout your run, maintain an upbeat attitude, and support you especially during those tougher moments. Our pacers are also dedicated to maintaining a consistent pace that will help you cross the finish line at your goal time!

pace time goal -- 0:50


Andy has been active in the local running community for years. He has run many race such as The Sun Run, BMO half marathon, Vancouver half marathon, and more. Having this opportunity to run as a pacer for the Vancouver Sun run is his honour. This is going to be a very exciting and memorable experience for Andy, and he is going to achieve your goal with you.   


I am extremely excited to be part of the Pacing Team for the Vancouver Sun Run this year. I first ran the Sun Run in 2014 at 12 years old and fondly remember the unforgettable ambiance and excitement of the race. I look forward to meeting all the runners in my group and motivating them to achieve their best results. I have been a runner my whole life, competing in distances between 100m to Half Marathon and I am currently training for Decathlon with Universal Athletics. I believe running at any level is inherently rewarding and something we should strive to include in our lives whenever possible.


I am a World Marathon Major Six Star Runner currently. I was a pacer for the Turkey Trot in 2023 and had a wonderful experience with the runners. The Sun Run is of great memories for me when last year I placed second in my age category. I have a lot of passion for running and participating in running events. My favourite part of the experience is sharing the energy and excitement with other runners.

pace time goal -- 0:55


As a 10km event happening earlier in the season, the Sun Run often serves as an entry point for many aspiring runners and an introduction to the world of running events, as it was for me. It can feel quite daunting and isolating chasing a time on your own without any companions to share the journey, and there have been times when I only hit my target goals thanks to the selfless dedication of volunteer pacers. This year, I am thrilled to pay it forward to provide the same supportive experience for other runners. By doing so, I aim to continue to integrate and help develop the vibrant running community in Vancouver.


My name is Nicolas Pizarro and I’m an avid runner / cyclist. Having done my first sun run back in highschool, I want to help others achieve their goals by being a pacer in this amazing encouraging environment. 


A coworker suggested to me once to join a run group – and after that session, running has now become my strong hobbie: when you don’t see me working – you see me running at various run clubs around the city. Running is about overcoming challenges and learning more about yourself. A race can be a great motivator, and I hope I can help you achieve your goals!


I am a Sun Run runner in year 2015. My first half marathon was BMO Vancouver Marathon in 2016. My first marathon was in 2017. I love to runner and love to help other runners. Be a pacer is my way to contribute the runners community. 

pace time goal -- 1:00


I’m pacing because I’ve loved running since a child & It is an activity that is akin to meditating in motion for me as it releases me from all other thoughts and I like to encourage others in their positive healthy lifestyle endeavours which the sun run encourages in society at large and by being an example that running can be kept up lifelong


Influenced by a senior runner, I started running in April 2022, gradually increasing from 3 km to 5 km, 10 km, 20 km, and 30 km. Now I’m preparing for the 2024 BMO Marathon. I’d like to become a pacer and inspire more people to run regularly. 


My running journey all started with the Sun Run in 2019. From not knowing what running was all about to now running with a passion and striving for PB’s, I have worked hard and gone a long way. I have raced many 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, and am currently working towards my very first marathon! I see pacing as a form of training so let my training help train you to be better runners.


I’ve been an amateur runner participating in races for about 10 years. I started running back in my country, Ukraine, and I haven’t given up running since moving to Canada. It helped me to overcome all hardships of displacement. In 2023 I participated in Sun Run, BMO Marathon, and Vancouver Half Marathon. I have experience running 4 full marathons and a dozen of halves. Now I want to contribute to the running community and take part in races differently. Thank you for providing this awesome opportunity.

pace time goal -- 1:05


A 20-year Sun Run participant, a six-star world major marathoner, and an enthusiastic race event volunteer.


Hello! I am a 33-year-old new running enthusiast who has been running since November 2023. Last year my wife invited me to the SUNRUN and I got fascinated with the amount of people involved and not just runners but also the people cheering for everyone. I chose to be a pacer because I would like to help people to meet their goal but more important to be part of the community.


I am pacing because I love helping people achieve personal goals. When I first started running, I used to start races off too fast at the beginning, leading to slower race times. So I am excited to help other’s avoid doing that and run to their full potential. I love the running community, and running is such an important part of my life. It has truly changed my life for the better 🙂


As a finisher of Boston Marathon and UTMB 100miles, I really believe running brings health, lots of fun and connections. By pacing in the great event of Sun Run, I would pass on such to the community.

pace time goal -- 1:10


I began running 4years ago. I am a member of LaPower Running Club. For at least 4 years, I hold gatherings for running every weekends. Sun Run was a big event for every of us who loved running. It’s our holiday. I’d like to share my happy with more runners.


2. I am a marathon runner, I have many years of marathons experience ,I just finished the Tokyo marathon this month, and at my age There are top world rankings in the group, Running is a lifestyle habit for me and a good way to relieve stress and relax.


Running has come a long way we finished a solo marathon and completed in many half-marathon races but there is still much more to go! I remember what got me into this sport was the Sun Run 8 years ago! Running alongside such a big community felt welcoming and motivating!


I am a huge advocate for physical health because a healthy body leads to a healthy mind. I have run 10k every second day for the past two years and I have felt a significant improvement on both my physical and mental health. It’s not about the speed but about consistency, and I know the consistency you developed by running on a regular basis, spreads over to other disciplines in your life as well. It’s not just running, it’s a way of living.

pace time goal -- 1:15


An avid runner, who has spent years pounding the pavement and conquering countless kilometers. Originally started running to get into better shape and have been going strong ever since. I love being a part of the running community and helping others reach their goals. The Sun Run was my first ever race and I wish to motivate and cheer on others, so they too can have a great memory of the Sun Run.


I have been an avid runner since I started running in 2014. I had run in a lot of races in the past in every distance from 10k to marathon and I had enjoyed every moment of it. The reason why I want to run as a pacer is because I want to encourage and assist my fellow runners to reach their goal time. Seeing my fellow runners reach their goals always puts a big smile on my face. It is always the best feeling to witness that. I ran the sunrun last year and it was an amazing experience. The atmosphere and the organization is top notch and world class.


I want to pace for the race so that my run can serve a bigger purpose. I enjoy the Sun Run because it gives a sense of community. Running with such a huge group of people has encouraged me in the past to run faster and do my best. I also appreciate that the route of the race passes through some very scenic views of Vancouver.

pace time goal -- 1:20


As a runner, running provides me with more than just a physical workout; it is about finding the right pace, overcoming challenges, and, most importantly, being part of a supportive community. I enjoy running at a steady pace that will get us to the finish line, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and determination that defines the running community. Participating in events like the Vancouver Sun Run is essential to me because they celebrate this sense of community where we all come together with unique stories to share our love for the sport. Running has become an essential part of who I am, offering both physical and mental benefits, and I am grateful to be part of such an inspiring and welcoming community. 


I started running 4 years ago at the age of 60. At that time, I could barely finish 2K. Since then, I have finished not only the Vancouver Sun Run but also 3 half-marathons, and I’m now training for a full 42K marathon. By running I hold myself accountable for my health. When I see other runners, I like to wave to them as they go by because I know they are serious about their own personal health as well. So if I run by you on the street or on a trail, don’t be surprised if I wave at you.


My running journey started with the Vancouver Sun Run. I have since been to numerous races and one thing stood out – the community and camaraderie! There’s something about running that binds us together. Its not about how fast or how slow you are. The people I’ve met along the way have inspired me immensely. By volunteering as a pacer, I feel like my running journey has come full circle by giving back in the same way others have helped me.


Hi, I’m Vishesh from New Delhi, India, currently visiting Vancouver before starting my MBA at Kellogg School of Management. With a passion for staying active through running, strength training, and ultimate frisbee, I’m excited to be part of the 40th Sun Run as a pacer, inspiring fellow runners to push their limits and reach their goals while fostering a sense of community and achievement. It’s an honor to contribute to this iconic event and encourage others to embrace the challenge alongside me.



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