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Starting Spring 2024, our friends at Kintec are proud to offer in-person weeknight training clinics at their Vancouver, North Vancouver, and Burnaby Kintec locations.

Want to get a head start? Click below to download their Learn2Run and RunFaster 10-week self-directed programs to take you from “I’m new to running” or “I haven’t ran since high-school!” to running a 10-kilometer distance continuously.

Weeknight training clinics

Get your teammates and friends and join Kintec’s weeknight Training Clinics! Hosted at 8 different Kintec locations throughout the Lower Mainland, Training Clinics provide instructor-led workouts in a fun and safe environment. 

  • Kintec Vancouver
    1201 W Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 1G7
  • Kintec Burnaby
    3787 Canada Way #110, Burnaby, BC V5G 1G5
  • Kintec North Vancouver
  • 975 Marine Dr, North Vancouver, BC V7P 1S4

Kintec's Official Sun Run Training Programs

Kintec’s Sun Run Learn2Run and RunFaster programs are developed by in-house experts Dr. Michael Ryan, who’s been studying running-injury epidemiology and footwear for the past 20-years, and ultramarathoner and running coach legend Ryne Melcher. These programs are designed to introduce more people to the fitness and health benefits of running.

If you are new to running (or it’s been a really long time since you last called yourself a ‘runner’) then our Learn2Run program is built for you. The first half of this program uses incremental walking breaks to help gradually introduce the stress of running onto your body before we begin longer continuous running efforts later in the program with the end goal of getting you to run 10 km continuously.

The RunFaster program is designed for someone who already has some running ‘base’ and is looking to improve on their time. The key feature in the RunFaster program is the distance based workouts help calibrate your efforts more specifically to the actual event, and also include performance-enhancing elements such as interval- and hill-based workouts.



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