Join the UBC Walking Club!

Did you know that older adults are at a higher risk for social isolation and loneliness? The UBC Walking Club addresses this concern by building connections in our community. This free program is hosted weekly on the UBC Vancouver campus! The group participates in an on-campus walk, warm up and cool down led by UBC Kinesiology students. 

How do I know if I am walking enough? 

The daily guidelines for adults suggest you limit sedentary time to eight hours or less. You can do a quick check to see how you compare. We encourage you to use this free sitting calculator to get an honest look at what your day looks like. 

Additionally, the Canadian physical activity guidelines suggest adults participate in at least 2.5 hours of exercise weekly. By joining the UBC Walking Club you can complete one of those hours!

Take a moment to reflect, are you meeting these guidelines? If not, the walking club is a great first step to meeting those goals. 

What are the benefits of joining this program? 

  • Our members can see measurable improvements in their cardiovascular endurance. 
  • People maintain intergenerational social connections. Everyone is welcome in our walking club; we encourage connections between members. Many oftenmeet for coffee after the walk to chat with each other. 
  • With time you will see improvements in your ability to walk continuously, this will translate into your every day life. Our club is highly motivated andmembers have succeeded in events like the Vancouver Sun Run and the Longest Day Race. 

To be eligible for this program we suggest that you are cleared by your physician to exercise and are able to walk continuously for one hour (those with walking aids are welcome). 

Wondering if the program is a fit for you? Email Kelly, our Lead Program Coordinator today at 

Note: We may be introducing a slower-paced group, if this is of interest to you, please sign up for our mailing list. This program is affiliated with the UBC Sport and Exercise Medicine Clinic. If you have pain preventing you from starting your exercise journey, we recommend you ask your GP for a referral to our clinic




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