Join the UBC Department of Family Practice HealtheSteps® Program!

Join the HealtheSteps® Program!

HealtheSteps® is a free, virtual, healthy lifestyle program for adults who are looking to incorporate healthy habits into their lives. The program, developed by Dr. Robert Petrella, is currently operated out of the UBC Department of Family Practice.

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Looking to get support with training for the Sun Run? By joining HealtheSteps®, you will be paired with a certified coach who will work with you in a one-on-one capacity over Zoom to take you through the program. Participants work with their coach to develop specific plans of action to increase physical activity, reduce sedentary behaviour, increase exercise levels, improve diet, and foster mental wellbeing. Meetings are held about once a month, and the entire program is designed to be completed in six months. With flexible scheduling and tailored goal-setting practices, the HealtheSteps® program is all about meeting you where you are at, and supporting the development of incremental, sustainable change. 

HealtheSteps®is being delivered virtually to adults living in Canada by medical and allied health students. By participating in HealtheSteps®, you are not only working to build healthy habits, but you are also supporting training opportunities for future healthcare providers. 

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