The Perfect Post-Run Treat

We all know the best part of training is reaching that final goal or milestone. We are here to tell you that those moments post-run or workout can be made even better with a delicious Granville Island Brewing beer. We might not know a lot of about running, but we certainly are experts at post-run get-togethers.  Regardless of if you run once a week, or 6 times a week, we believe post-run treats are always a good idea (in moderation of course).

Here are our favourite post-run beers for those looking to un-wind after a tough workout.

Granville Island Lager

What else needs to be said. Our clean, crisp, Bavarian style lager which has been our namesake since 1984. A great post-run treat for those looking for a premium lager with a classic taste. 

English Bay Ale 

A timeless pub-style ale. This brew is perfect for those looking for something on the darker side, but still easy drinking. Full of caramel, toffee and biscuit notes, this is always a good choice. 

Kitsilano Juicy IPA

This brew is the newest addition to our core lineup, but a great “post-hop” beer. Our Juicy IPA is full of tropical pineapple notes and has a delicious amount of citrus. This is for those runners looking for something hoppy and bright after an exhausting workout. 

False Creek Raspberry Ale 

The ultimate post run-beer. Our Raspberry Ale is back again after a short hiatus and just in time to fuel those post-run gatherings. Bright notes of raspberry flavour with a smooth malty finish make this a favourite for even the non-beer drinkers. 

Cheers to 40 Years of the Vancouver Sun Run!

We are all for doing more of what you love. Whether that be the actual running or satisfaction of reaching your 10k goal, we always believe in celebrating all life’s moments. However you choose to enjoy your post-run time is up to you. But with a lineup of beers like we have, we couldn’t imagine a better incentive to beat that personal best. 

Granville Island Brewing 1441 Cartwright Street, Vancouver, BC



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